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Action Line for Rehabilitation and Development Organization is a humanitarian non-profit community based organization that is established to provide assistance in Emergency relief, Rehabilitation, Peace building, Child protection and sustainable development. ALRAD was established in response to the increased human suffering in Somalia due to the combination of challenges ranging from civil strife to drought.
ALRAD was found in 2008 in Mogadishu, Somalia by a group of professionals who realized the need for a consistent initiative in rehabilitation and development through an integrated and participatory approach.
The organizationís head is in Mogadishu and has functional sub-offices in Marka, Baidoa, Wajid and Jowhar districts. ALRAD has recently opened a liaison and fundraising office in Boras, Sweden in a bid to create sensitization activities within the Somali Diasporas. The new office will serve as a fund raising unit that will liaise with the Swedish registered humanitarian NGOs and private companies that will have an interest to support the Somali communities who are in the dire situation. ALRAD seeks to establish partnerships and networking with the Swedish NGOs and the Somali Community Associations across Sweden.

The organization is exploring options to start projects in Boras within the Somali Diaspora that will enhance their capacity to cope with their situations. ALRAD will offer support and assistance to the new Somali refugee in Sweden and will look for partnerships with the Boras County. This comes after the fact that many Somali refugees are in a dire need to understand the settlement and integration processes which ALRAD believes is a key element for any refugee to find a thorough settlement in any new society and culture.

ALRAD is focused and involved in undertaking projects in rehabilitation and development; the main sectors of interventions of the organization are Food Security, Support to Health facilities, Peace Building, Child Protection and Water and Sanitation Projects. In addition, the organization focuses on other projects and schemes for the purpose of community enhancement and creation of employment. There are other projects implemented by the Organization, these include; life skills training for youth and women.