Technical Competence
The organization has technical quality and competence performance pattern in place which is maintained and reviewed periodically by the core concerned Board of Directors and other personnel staffs.
ALRAD maintains standards and principles that are in accordance to a systematic competence through enduring all efforts to enhance and upgrade the levels of attaining quality competence within the operational Sphere Standards of the organization. The organizationís technical expertise are involved in planning and setting strategies and appropriate specific methodologies of developing and producing the relevant tools meant for carrying out field assessment.

ALRAD has a Program Director assisted by full time Program Officers who are focused in developing and designing project proposals and coordinate with Project Managers and Field Officers in implementation of projects. The organization has a technical steering committee as well are tasked to develop and advise on organizational strategies and deliver appropriate tools and relevant forward information in any given project implementations.

ALRAD has recently undertook water source assessment in Ceel-Dheer and Galad districts, Gal-Gaduud region that was initially supplied by OCHA/Cluster support and upon on completion was successfully forwarded to the initial initiators, as well the organization participated joint assessment on emergency livelihood & agriculture that was carried out by the joint CCNU organizations on mid February 2011.

Furthermore, ALRAD focuses on participatory approach based on community consultations with key community representatives to put forward in setting up by any project implementation plan to attain qualitative and quantitative data collections Detailed progress reports, periodic planning and identification of shortcomings associated with the implementation of the proposed project activities will be provided based on the agreed time-frame.

Periodic field visit by the representatives of the funding partners might also be needed from time to time. Capacity assessment and capacity building of relevant actors and stakeholders involved in the project operations is emphasized. This may include capacity building of key community respective elders, leaders, women and youth groups and other stakeholders as appropriate and possible.