ALRAD Governance and Organizational Management (BOD, Founding members & the Management)

ALRAD is governed by a Board of Directors referred to as the Steering Committee consisting of seven members who meet quarterly. The Board is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the overall operations of the organization are being carried out as planned. It will also ensure efficient and effective utilization of human and resources of the organization.
Members of the Board include:
  • Ali Hassan, Chair
  • Abdifatah Mohamed, CEO
  • Abdirihin Haji Heydar, Secretary
  • Hassan Mohamed Jimale, Auditor
  • Yahye Ibrahim, Coordinator
  • Abdulkadir Ahmed, Member
  • Abdihakin Harun, Member

Founding members

The founding members are the supreme authority of the Organization and are the decision makers. The founding members are responsible of issuing resolutions on the general policy, planning and implementation strategies of the organization for the long term.

The founding members approve the constitution and elect the Board of Directors; to run the overall activities of the NGO for three years of the office mandate.

The Management

The functions of the Management are related to the nature of their duties. The managers must execute the instructions and the job descriptions issued to them by the Program Manager.