Health services offered in Mogadishu

  ALRAD offers health services in Mogadishu

ALRAD stands to create a situation that leads Access to essential health services by the all target population of the three districts Bondhere,wardhigley and yaqshiid in Benadir region Somalia.

The provision of essential health services to all members of the target communities To improve the health status through reduction of disease burden in the three districts, Due to the need for response beyond Banadir region especially Bondhere and yaqshiid and wardhigley districts.

In addition to the negative impact and the unfavourable situation in Somalia which imposed upon population over the last 2 decades. when everything from nation to household has failed duet to the shortage of skilled manpower, increased maternal and infant mortality rates in most of the areas especially in south and central zones as observed most likely due to prolonged and ever-returning conflicts in these very areas increased use of drugs due to self treatment since the drugs are imported prescribed unskilled staff because of lack of law and order.

More than 1672 beneficiaries received various health care such as medical and surgical emergencies maternal and child care, though the hospital sustained the services delivered to the community through community contributions since the 2012 up to date due to the current devaluations of USD increased food prices and low level of employment and massive influxes of refugee returned from neighbouring countries, all this reasons increased the number of beneficiars exempted from the payment therefore the hospital find difficult to maintain service delivery unless it is supported by other organizations though external funding sources.

At the moment, ALRAD is in the process to compile and information that will lead to a concept and proposal for GIKs project in a bid to equip the hospital in Mogadishu and in Baidoa. We hope that through availability of the most essential equipment the quality of the health delivery will be improved.